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Hari om,

Bala Vihar is a place where children come to learn about the culture and end up discovering themselves in the due course!

When children are younger, many a times, they may not be able to articulate to their parents - what they learnt in class or the activities they did. They may either give generic, sporadic or even evasive answers! This may continue well into their high school years as well :).

Hence, this blog has been created to archive the activities and lessons taught at Bala Vihar each week. It is to keep the parents in the loop, as well as help students catch up if they have missed a class or two.

On the righthand side, is a table for each of the 3 sessions - Friday PM, Sunday AM, Sunday PM. Choose your child's grade below that to read the postings each week, as given by their teachers.
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This is an effort to keep the parental connection as well as involvement, in the learning and growth of their children while at Bala Vihar. May our children excel in all their endeavors!

Let's join hands for the cause.

Please visit regularly for the latest updates each week.

Children are not vessels to be filled but lamps to be lit.
- Swami Chinmayananda


May 19, 2019 - Grade 9 (AM Sunday)

Hari om everyone,

Another excellent class, we must say!  After gItaa chanting, we went right into today's discussions.  They were geared towards summarizing the 4 puruShaarthas we have been learning for a few weeks now.  In the process, we discussed a few more interesting and important concepts -

  • Do the thoughts make me or do I make the thoughts?  Intriguing, right?  I create thoughts. At the same time, it is those very thoughts that give existence to the concept of 'me', isn't it?!
  • Did we create God or did God create us?   (Check out some funny lines in the pic below :).  It truly is a point to ponder upon.  We are the ones who created (conceptualized) God and of course, He created us!
  • What is the commonality among - the mind, the intellect, memories and the ego (mana, buddhi, chitta, ahankaara)?  Through discussing each of them, we came to the conclusion that each of them is nothing but a bunch of thoughts! 
  • And..., we are NOT our thoughts. 
We broke our discussion as we wanted to celebrate end-of-the-year with an ice cream party :).  We wound up the class a few minutes early to enjoy some conversation and ice cream cones on the deck before heading to the auditorium.

We have only one more Bala Vihar class for this year.  After that, on June 8th, we will have the annual day to celebrate the whole year of learning and growing.  It is going to be a fun outdoor/indoor event with lots of competitions, prizes and games.  Please be sure to check your emails from Chinmaya Vrindavan for updates and details.  High Schoolers will have multiple volunteering opportunities on that day.  Below is the link to make your selections for volunteering.  Register soon to get your prefered slots -


This will be my last class with you all for this year.  You were an awesome class and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching your group!  Do stop by to say hello when you see us in the corridors :).  Be sure to register at the earliest for next year's Bala Vihar when they open.  We will see you on the other side of the summer break.

Have a great summer everyone!

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Rashmi and Sitaram.