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Hari om,

Bala Vihar is a place where children come to learn about the culture and end up discovering themselves in the due course!

When children are younger, many a times, they may not be able to articulate to their parents - what they learnt in class or the activities they did. They may either give generic, sporadic or even evasive answers! This may continue well into their high school years as well :).

Hence, this blog has been created to archive the activities and lessons taught at Bala Vihar each week. It is to keep the parents in the loop, as well as help students catch up if they have missed a class or two.

On the righthand side, is a table for each of the 3 sessions - Friday PM, Sunday AM, Sunday PM. Choose your child's grade below that to read the postings each week, as given by their teachers.
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This is an effort to keep the parental connection as well as involvement, in the learning and growth of their children while at Bala Vihar. May our children excel in all their endeavors!

Let's join hands for the cause.

Please visit regularly for the latest updates each week.

Children are not vessels to be filled but lamps to be lit.
- Swami Chinmayananda


October 7, 2018 - Grade 7 (AM Sunday)

Hari Om Parents,
We had a great class today. Here is what we did:
Opening prayer; Om Sahana vavatu, Karagre vasate Lakshmi, Saraswathi namastubhayam followed by Gurustrotam
Meditation: With Focus exercise  
Quotation of the Day: God helps those who help themselves
We had a great discussion on this quote: Anish Kumar shared the following thoughts:
The quote means that if you don't help yourself, God can't do anything. If you don't take the steps to accomplish something, God can't help you. For example, if you don't study for a test God can't help you ace it. On the other hand, if you study and take the initiative for the next step, God will help you take it but he won't pick up your foot, instead he will create the space for you to put your foot down.
Pratyay shared his thought here:
I think the quote means that people who try to figure something out and take the initiative will be helped by God.
After the discussion we went on to the main topic which was "The Secret to Success" The students were asked what is the secret to success?
A +B + C = Success
What did they feel A, B and C stood for? Many students said the following:
Knowledge, hard work, Perseverance, dedication, passion, effort and money. An interactive discussion took place about how money was not the key to success. Ishan Mungikar shared how he thought that money was more an effect than the cause. He thought that if you put in hard work and applied your knowledge, money will come. We shared the story of a boy who wanted to come to MIT from India to study but he had no money and belonged to a poor family and he did not know any English.  With his determination and effort, he got a full scholarship to MIT.
We discussed the story of the fruit seller whose cart full of apples got stuck in the mud pit. The students were given the problem scenario and were asked to solve it. Srivatsa Kuthibotla came up with the solution that the apples should be taken down, the cart will be lighter and could be taken out of the mud pit. Great team effort to brainstorm the situation.
Inference: Hard work and Knowledge are essential to be successful.
We also talked about capacity to laugh: After hard work if we still fail, then we should have Prasada buddhi and accept the result with a happy face. Laughter removes anger and frustration.
Example; Thomas Edison was asked how he felt when he failed 2000 times before inventing the light bulb and he responded that there was no failure, but the invention of light bulb was 2000 step process.
How do we gain Knowledge?
We gain knowledge via our five senses, mind and intellect. BMI (Body, Mind and Intellect) which was the model taught by our Gurudev Swami Chinmaynanda.
Dhyana Shloka:  We ended our class with Dhyana shloka : Sri ram ram rameti, rame rame manorame
                                                                                                         Sahsranama tatulyam, ram- nam varanane
Ruchi and Suma

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